[Panjikaran] HP Van Samridhi Jan Samriddhi Yojana | Earn Money by Growing Medicinal Plants

Cabinet Committee of Himachal Pradesh has approved “HP Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana” on 5th September 2018. Now the people of rural areas can earn money and economic returns from growing medicinal plants. It is such a great initiative of HP Govt to encourage people for growing medicinal plants.  Under this scheme, all the plants with medical capabilities will now get their appropriate prices as per their medicinal value. In Himachal Pradesh, there are 3400 types of medicinal plants and to grow these, the government will provide 25% subsidy to rural people.

Self Help Groups (SHGs) working at rural level with the help of locals will perform the task of taking medicinal plants out of the forests. For this, the State Govt will provide financial assistance up to Rs 10,000 (Ten thousand rupees). The main aim to launch this scheme is to preserve and conserve such priceless herbs. These medicinal plants have a huge value due to their treatment capabilities. Moreover, the people in rural areas will be able to earn by growing and then selling it at market prices.

How to Earn Money by Growing Medicinal Plants under HP Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana? 

HP Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana is flagship scheme of Himachal Pradesh Govt to encourage people to grow medicinal plants. The important features of this scheme are as follows:

  1. HP Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana will ensure economic returns to rural households who are engaged in collecting and selling of Non-Timber forest produce which includes medicinal plants.
  2. Moreover, the State Govt will focus on post-harvest handling, value addition, and marketing.
  3. All the rural people will have to grow medicinal plants on their land. For this, the state govt will provide 25% subsidy.
  4. When all the herbs are prepared in the forest, then people will call Self Help Groups (SHGs) to take out the medicines.
  5. For these medicines, all the people would get the appropriate prices similar to the market price of that particular herb.
  6. Any person would not be able to take out or steal such medicines from the forests.
  7. The main objective is to provide appropriate prices of the medicinal plants which are grown in the forests of the state.
  8. In addition to this, people can sell them at reasonable prices to earn money necessary for their survival.

Cabinet Committee of Himachal Pradesh state has approved this scheme on September 5th, 2018. HP Govt is performing mapping of those 5 districts where such crucial and priceless medicinal plants are found.

Training to Self Help Groups (HP Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana)-

Forest Dept is going to provide Training to all Self Help Groups (SHGs) to take out herbs from the forests. They will get knowledge on the way and suitable timings to take out herbs. To grow medicinal plants, the government will provide a subsidy of up to 25%. The state govt has decided to set up a Corpus Fund for this purpose.

(I) Types of Herbs in Himachal Pradesh Forests:

Himachal Pradesh is considered as a gem for the medical treatment. It has the vast area covered with forests having a huge variety of herbs. As per the report of forest dept, the forests have 1038 species with around 3400 types of herbs which are priceless. These herbs have value in lakhs and can cure almost all the diseases. Some of these medicines are on the verge of extinction. HP Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana will help in preservation and conservation of these priceless herbs.

(II) Setup of Herbal Medicine Cell under Zaika Project in Himachal Pradesh:

Forest department is going to set up a new Herbal Medicine Cell under Zaika Project in Himachal Pradesh. The state govt will provide technical information to the rural people. This will include the market prices and all the information will be sent to the Self Help Groups (SHGs) through SMS on their mobile phones.

For more details about HP Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana, kindly visit the official web portal of Himachal Pradesh Forest Dept through the given below link.

Click Here for HP Forest Dept Portal

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