Marriage Certificate Online Services In Maharashtra

Marriage Certificate Online Services: Marriage certificate is a proof for registration of marriage in Maharashtra. The Marriage certificate legally certifies your marriage in Maharashtra. The marriage certificate given by the government of  Maharashtra is very useful for various purposes, like to obtain the passport given by the government of India, to change your or your spouse name or surname, to apply for income tax certificates, etc. The facility for getting this is nowadays easily available online via the MahaOnline website

The process for registration of marriage can hold by two simple and easy processes first Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and the Special Marriage Act 1954. For eligibility criteria for getting the marriage certificate male applicant needs the age 21 years and the female applicant needs 18 years old. In the case of Hindu marriage, the applicants must be having their status single or divorcee. Also, both parties having good physical and mental fitness at the time of registration for a marriage certificate. Both of the party’s position may not be able to prohibit the law. Also, the special marriage gives the facility to hold the process of marriage by the officer and provides the marriage certificate Maharashtra registration of groom and bride.

Marriage Certificate Online Services In Maharashtra

The Hindu Marriage act applies only to Hindu citizens of Maharashtra state while the special marriage act applies to all citizens of India. The Hindu Marriage Act gives also the facility to make the registration of marriages which was concluded before. This act doesn’t have the service to conclude the marriage of applicants. While the special marriage act provides the facility of the officer for holding the process of marriage in a legal way as well. The applicants need to visit their concerned authority or to the registrar appointed by the government of Maharashtra along with their parents and witnesses. You can make your registration of marriage in Maharashtra state till 5 years through the registrar and after the period of more than the same have to go in district registrar.

About Marriage Certificate in Maharashtra-

As per the National Informatics Center NIC in upcoming 3-5 years, the govt will provide their all services like pension, ration card, civil litigation in courts,  caste and marriage certificate, income and employment certificate, etc online for all 626 districts of our country. These are more than 10 services has been started by the IT team for which all kinds of processes are available in digital mode. The Maharashtra govt is holding these all kinds of certificates and documents process under the e-governance project.

90% data/records of above-described processes have been uploaded by district administrations in the digital mode so that the citizens can get all services online in Maharashtra. Most of all processes are working online now and citizens can use these facilities online.  As reports were given by central govt, the estimated cost of making all these processes online was provided in the National level more than 2500 crore rupees for this project. In which the 75% of the amount was paid by the central govt and rest 25% by state govt. The e-district project has been made to connect the e-governance in all across the country. In this step the Maharashtra govt IT team has also built a website with the name of Mahaonline. The web portal comes under the e-governance of Maharashtra state to give the various facilities online for certificates and documents.

Marriage Certificate Format Maharashtra-

The Maharashtra marriage certificate can also get through getting the application via Mahaonline website The Department of Registration and Stamps govt of Maharashtra, Pune has also this facility to provide the application through their official website of The marriage certificate in the state comes under two provisions first special marriage act as the same for all over the country and second Bombay marriage act.

This certificate is an important document which can use for various works like to get the proof for your marriage or get the various kinds of other documents. The certificate is also proof of your marriage date and place which can give you various benefits in the future. This is the legal way that you are now married.

How to Get a Marriage Certificate in Maharashtra?

Under the special marriage act, the state govt gives 30 days time to make a registration for both parties (husband/wife). Also, the notice has 90 days validity once it’s published. To get this act marriage certificate Maharashtra applicants need to get the application form and some documents like for age, address and ID proof. Under the special marriage act certificate of the state, you also need to pay the fee of 1 Rupee.

Under the Bombay, marriage act applicants have to get all documents and have to visit the marriage officer. Applicants also have to pay 50 Rupees through the court stamp and also 1 Rupee. The website has the facility.

Required Documents:–

Applicants also need the documents for both of marriage acts. See the below-given list of documents which you need for getting the marriage certificate in Maharashtra.

  • Age proof – For bride and groom both in which they can use leaving certificate, birth certificate, domicile, school certificate or passport.
  • Address Proof – For bride and groom both in which they can use a copy of Aadhar Card, Ration card, Voter id card.
  • Photos – For bride and groom both in passport size and together after marriage.
  • Photo Copy – All documents photocopy with attested from govt officer.
  • For Divorcee – Photo Copy of the Divorce certificate(attested).
  • For Widow – Death certificate for their husband/wife.
Online Application Process in BMC:–

If you are living under the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai-MCGM which is also called as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation-BMC (बृहन्मुंबई महानगरपालिका), the Marriage Registration Application Form which is known as form D is given through online in the below-mentioned link under the Maharashtra Regulation of Marriage Bureaus and Registration of Marriages Act 1998.

BMC Online Marriage Registration Form: Click Here

In above-given link of BMC online portal, you need to give the complete details of your marriage i.e. details about bride and groom, marriage date, complete address of husband/wife, information of three witness and details of the priest.

Online Application Process for Other Municipal Corporations –

If you are living in any other district of Maharashtra state, in that case, you can register your marriage online through application form provided by the Department of Registration & Stamps. The Application Form 16 and Special Marriage Registration Form both are provided online by the department. For the registration first, you have to visit in the below-provided link where you can see the Fresh Entry Application Form as per the below-given photo.

Click Here for Marriage Registration Online-…mHomePage.

  •  After getting this page you will have to first enter your District Name, select the Marriage Registration Office, Select Marriage Type from Form 16 or Special Marriage and after that Create Password which you can remember to use in future also. After filling all information click to the submit button and you will get the new application form page like the below-given photo.
  • Now you need to fill this completed application form with the details of husband, wife, and address of both (bride and bridegroom). In the last section select the documents options which you are attaching online with the registration form such as for the age proof of wife, age proof of husband and residence proof from the given list.
  • After filling all information now click the submit button and in the next section, you have to upload all the documents which you selected in the above-given application form. Then you have to download the acknowledgment slip and take the printout of it. You will receive the notification through the email or SMS on your mobile after the complete process of issuance the marriage certificate. You can download the soft copy of the certificate through using your receipt online or visit the nearest registrar office to get it in hard copy.
Marriage Registration via Aaplesarkar Maharashtra-

For the marriage registration via the Aaplesarkar, you have to visit in the official portal where you can see the option of marriage registration. To apply through this website you have to register first on the website after which you can see the marriage registration application form. Here we will tell you how you can register in the Aaplesarkar MahaOnline Website. You can see the marriage registration notification in the below link and after visiting in this section you can see the option of Apply as per the provided photo below. Click on that option and you will see the notification as Information – Please register yourself and then log in.

Click Here for Marriage Registration Online-…ServiceId=2495


  • Now you can see two options as the OPTION 1 – Create User Id and Password by Verifying UID (Your information will be downloaded here and will be saved in your user profile after completion of eKYC.) or OPTION 2 – Upload complete self details, photo, Identity Proof, Address Proof once and Create own user profile using OTP verification on your mobile number (After this process while applying online for service, No need to attach Photo, Identity Proof and Address Proof).
  • Now you can see two options as the OPTION 1 – Create User Id and Password by Verifying UID (Your information will be downloaded here and will be saved in your user profile after completion of eKYC.) or OPTION 2 – Upload complete self details, photo, Identity Proof, Address Proof once and Create own user profile using OTP verification on your mobile number (After this process while applying online for service, No need to attach Photo, Identity Proof and Address Proof).
  • Through option 1 first, you have to enter your Aadhaar Card Number in a given place on the same page and registration through documents/OTP you have to fill the complete application form. After the complete registration, you can get the login Id and password. Now come back to the home page and use this username password for login. Then go to your profile section and select the marriage registration application form.
  • Now your profile is created, you can log in to web portal to start uploading other credential documents to apply and finish the online registration for your marriage certificate. you can use the same process as shown in the image below to proceed further after clicking below given link. for further Now come back to the home page in below provided the link wherein the green section you can see the option as New User? Register Here which you have to click in the first step to register in AapleSarkar MahaOnline Portal.

Click Here for Aaplesarkar MahaOnline Portal 


In the marriage registration application form you have to fill the complete information about the bride and groom and then submit it online. After submitting the application form you have to download the acknowledgment slip to track the application status. You can go through the official website home page to check the application status where first you have to select your Department Name, after that select the Service Name, then the Certificate Name and in last enter your Application Id Number. Through this, you can see the status of your request. See the photo of this option on the official page.

Marriage Certificate Gram Panchayat Maharashtra-

This process will take maximum of five days. After that visit to the office of Gram Sevak, Assistant Block Development Officer or Block Development Officer to collect your marriage certificate. If you don’t want to follow any of the given options above then go through the offline mode for which we are telling you in the below section.

Offline Process to Apply for Marriage Certificate in Maharashtra:

Candidates will have to take the application form in prescribed format or you can write it in simple A-4 size paper which must be signed with groom and bride both. Both applicants having a proof for their marriage in India and after marriage, both must be living together as per the law. The candidates who are going to apply for certificate marriage in the state have to follow the rule of under US 16 in which the candidates can get 30 days for submitting the form. Also, candidates need the address proof and have to attach with the application form.

Candidates also have to attach their wedding card and need to arrange 3 witnesses for a marriage. If the card is not available then attach the 100 Rupees stamp affidavit for both parties along with 100 Rupees court fees. See the process below to apply for the marriage certificate in Maharashtra now:

  1. Get the application form format or write it on A4 size paper first. After getting the application form fill it with the following mention details step by step:
  • Name of husband and wife.
  • Father’s mother’s name of husband and wife.
  • Date of birth for husband and wife.
  • Permanent address for both of parties.
  • Marriage date and place.
  • Declaration form.

After filling the form, fill the declaration form and make your sing on the bottom of the page after that attach your required documents as mentioned in the above section and visit your Nearest Local Authority, Registrar Office, Gram Sevak, Assistant Block Development Officer or Block Development Officer for submitting it.

Important Notice:–

The all above information has taken through the various website researchers under the Maharashtra state govt and through the help of various govt staffs. If you are having any issue regarding the post go to the contact us section of this website and submit your feedback. Citizens are suggested to read the following given important notes before going to apply.

  1. Do not pay any kind of charge for making a certificate outside of office registrar office.
  2. Do not go for making the fake certificate.
  3. Beware of sharing your any information do not give your personal information to any unknown person.
  4. If you need help visitors to your Tehsil of the municipal office where the staff can provide you required help.
  5. Visit the Mahaonline website to get other various kinds of documents facilities online and make your registration there


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