Haryana COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Helpline No

Haryana-Coronavirus-Toll-Free-Helpline-NumberHaryana COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Helpline No-: After a major outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in various parts of the world, the Haryana Govt has taken precautionary measures to tackle this problem. The state government has released the Haryana COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Toll-Free Helpline Number (District-Wise) to cope up with this emergency situation. COVID-19 is a family of the virus which causes illness pertaining to severe respiratory disorders which may even lead to death. Currently, the entire world is at an alarming stage as this disease has taken the form of an epidemic.

The Coronavirus was firstly discovered in Wuhan, China where people suffered the most. There are a total number of 3214 death in China alone with COVID-19 disease. However, the major problem is that it has now spread across 72 nations where people are being tested positive and showing COVID-19 symptoms. India is also not left as some cases of Coronavirus are reported in Delhi, Agra, Noida, Kerala, and Odisha. Here check the complete list of Haryana COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Toll-free Helpline Number (District-Wise).

Haryana COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Toll-Free Helpline Number-

With the growing concern of increasing outreach of this Coronavirus disease in the adjacent regions of Haryana, the state government has taken precautions. Now the Haryana Govt has released Coronavirus (COVID-19) Helpline numbers to ensure that this disease does not spread and take the lives of people.

As we all know that there is still not a permanent vaccine for the treatment of Coronavirus disease, so precaution is the only way to survive. For this, Haryana Govt has released a district-wise list of toll-free helpline numbers. Here are the helpline toll-free number for COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus in Haryana:

COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Helpline Number In Haryana (District-Wise)-
  1. Ambala: 0171-2556284 / 9813059474
  2. Bhiwani: 70278-47102
  3. Charkha Dadri: 70150-58611
  4. Faridabad: 9818197232 / 01292415623
  5. Fatehabad: 0166-7297291
  6. Gurugram: 0124-2322412 / 9911519296
  7. Hisar: 0166-2278113 / 9817657605
  8. Jhajjar: 0125-1297221 / 7027813976
  9. Jind: 94161-39660
  10. Kaithal: 98963-17010
  11. Karnal: 0184-4076099 / 9466124730
  12. Kurukshetra: 017-44259285
  13. Nuh: 94160-12195
  14. Mahendragarh: 94162-37358
  15. Panchkula: 97794-94643
  16. Palwal: 0127-5240022
  17. Panipat: 0180-2640255 / 108
  18. Rewari: 94163-49426
  19. Rohtak: 94164-79377
  20. Sirsa: 0166-6241155
  21. Sonipat: 0130-2231932 / 102
  22. Yamunanagar: 70278-23288 / 70279-72089

Note – Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. This diseased is similar to the one reported earlier as Middle East Respiratory Disorder. In order to make people safe, these helpline numbers are of paramount importance.

Coronaviruses (CoV) Toll-Free Helpline Number In Haryana-

Haryana is the region where the people are going to be affected the most as it has various international airports where people from other countries come. These people might have Coronvirus in them and can prove to be harmful to the native residents. So to ensure state residents’ security, the State Govt of Haryana has now taken various steps. These include the Critical Care Centre made in the PGI Rohtak for serious patients suffering from COVID-19.


The Haryana state government has also made 151 isolation wards of 685 beds to keep patients suffering from Coronavirus. People can call on the Coronavirus Toll-Free Helpline Numbers in case of any emergency and make people safe. To date, there are 94,250 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and out of these, around 3214 people had already died. So, these Haryana COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Helpline numbers are of much importance to protect peoples’ life.

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