Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Launches Doorstep Delivery of 40 Govt Services: Check Scheme Benefits & Application Process

Arvind Kejriwal Govt of Delhi has started the Doorstep Delivery Scheme for 40 Public Services on 10th September 2018. Under this scheme, a Mobile Assistance will come to your house for these 40 Public Services. That is, all your work will be sitting at home. Kejriwal government claims that in India, this is happening for the first time in which the public will not have to go to the Govt Dept/Offices for these 40 services, neither it will be engaged in long queue nor entangled in the clutches of brokers. But the government itself will come to the applicant’s home and serve him. On this Monday morning, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has launched this scheme with his cabinet in the headquarter Delhi Secretariat of Delhi Government.

Delhi Govt will send 40 services of seven different departments directly to the applicant’s house through this scheme. Total 40 services like Ration Card, Caste Certificate, Domicile Certificate, Income Certificate, Marriage Registration, Application for Driving License, Application for new Water or Sewer Connection or cut-off will initially be provided by the State government. Although the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi- Manish Sisodia claims that Services can be increased to up to 70. At present, the 40 services that are being delivered to the home have received about 25 lakh applications in 2017.

Which 40 Public Services Comes under Delhi Doorstep Delivery Scheme?

There are 15 services of the Revenue Dept in the list of 40 services, including SC/ST, OBC Certificate Issuing, Domicile Certificate, Income Certificate, Registration of Marriage, Enrollment of Civil Defense Volunteer, Lal Dora Certificate etc.

  1. 11 services of Transport Department are being introduced in this scheme in the first round, mainly in Duplicate RC Certificates, RC Address Change, Transfer of Ownership, Learning License, Permanent Driving License, License Reinucy, Duplicate Driving License etc. The test will have to be passed to the Authority for driving license but all the application process will be completed at home.
  2. Pension Scheme of Social Welfare Department is within its scope.
  3. Apart from this, the services of the Food Dept, Delhi Jal Board and Labor Department are also covered under this scheme.
  4. Home delivery of services related to e-District Services, Transport, Food Department will start.
  5. With the help of this scheme, you can now easily apply for Driving License, Ration Card, Income Certificate and other Govt Documents by sitting at your home without any hassle.

List of Public Services under Delhi Doorstep Delivery Scheme

How to Get Benefits of 40 Public Services under the Doorstep Delivery Scheme?

The Government of Delhi will issue a special number for all 40 services, that is 1076. The applicant or the person desiring to take the service will have to call the number and fix an appointment for a Mobile Sahayak to visit their home. The ‘Mobile Assistant’ (Govt Representative) then will come to the applicant’s home at the fixed time. Applicants can fix an appointment for the mobile assistant at any time between 8 AM to 8 PM. According to the timing, the mobile assistant will come to the address given by the applicant with a tablet and upload the necessary documents. After the completion of the procedure, the mobile assistant will charge a fee of 50 rupees for the facility fee. After which the applied certificate will be sent to the applicant’s┬áhome address through the post.

Here check the complete procedure (step by step) to get services under Doorstep Delivery Scheme:

  • The first thing to do is call Help Desk Number 1076.
  • After the call, the mobile assistant will get information from you about the eligibility and the document.
  • If you have all the documents ready, you can fix any time from 8 AM to 8 PM on any day of the week.
  • Mobile Assistant (Sahayak) will arrive home at your stated time and photo and document will be uploaded to the machine.
  • Payment of 50 rupees will be made through debit, credit card or by cash.
  • After that, the certificate will be sent to your home by post.

Mobile Assistant will be responsible for going to the caller’s home and taking all related documents, uploading it right there online. If the biometric investigation is needed in accordance with the requirement of the certificate, then the machine will carry it along with the scan at the same time.

Implementation of Delhi Doorstep Delivery Scheme of 40 Public Services-

As we all know that people are very upset about ration cards and they have to make rounds of office to apply for it. But now people will not have to go rotated the office for any type of certificate. The government will make your ration card at your house. For Pension Paper or Ration Card, Birth Certificate or Death, every type of certificate will not have to be rotated in the office. There will be a call center, where people will call and tell which certificate they want to make. In the meantime, the caller will be able to reach the home of the mobile assistants according to the day and time.

According to the Delhi Govt figures, from Monday to Tuesday, a total of 13,783 calls were connected to the Helpline. Of these, 4,758 calls were answered. The rest of the calls were on the waiting line, which was being called back. An SMS has been sent to 8,101 callers whose calls could not be answered. So far, only 624 applications are fixed. But representatives of Delhi Government can reach the house of only 74 people.

According to Gopal Mohan (Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal’s Technical Adviser and who gave the idea of Doctor Delivery), “Whatever the messages are coming in, this number is not present or this number is wrong. It is coming because the number of lines we have after all the busy hours, the waiting lines were all too busy. So for this reason, the BSNL operator is unable to handle it, and such messages are coming from him. But we are working on this and will improve the situation soon. As far as the matter is not reaching the applicants for 24 hours, it is very difficult to do so, but if so, then it will be examined and all the tracks in our system remain. Talking about that representative will take action”.

Not just the Kejriwal government’s scheme, but most of the schemes are good in any government but how efficient and successful they are, it is evaluated by the fact that how well they have been implemented, should be expected that the scheme The Delhi Govt will soon remove the problem coming up, which will help the common people to get benefit and relief from the scheme created for the common people.

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